Our approach is simple- One size doesn’t fit all, we choose the right course for you and the service that suits you the best. We identify your next career goals based on your life stories and current skillset. We offer practical tools, a concrete plan and a job search roadmap. Our consultants will direct you on how to manage better the steps leading up to your next career move.

We push you further. We believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Resume and Cover Letter Review and Development

Full review and adjustment of the documents to the Canadian style format, based on the current job market and recruitment trends. Training provided on how to stand out and utilize your documents to its full potential.

Interview preparation workshop - two parts / meetings

  1. Training and Preparation meeting (60 min) – all you need to know on how to prepare for an interview.
  2. Mock Interview- (90 min) we meet for a “real” interview. Questions are tailored to your profession and based on the current Canadian interview strategy, including behavioral questions. Thorough feedback will provide for both verbal and non-verbal communication style and other skills, and suggestions for improvement, including examples of potential responses.

Market Research

Provides current and detailed information on companies and market trends and can serve both job seekers and employers on their includes a summary of potential employers in your field, titles and roles, salary information, market trends. It will give full information on the market and a list of companies you should reach out to for potential engagement.

Exploratory Visit To Canada / Newcomers To Canada

Our main goal is to provide information to skilled immigrants, to expand their knowledge and professional options, and to increase their chances to enter their field of expertise in the Canadian labour market.

Services including: Industry research and review of the Canadian Market for a specific field, professional network building, job search tools, interviewing skills training and other tailored services according to the client’s needs.

Research on specific profession and industry providing with the required information on potential employers, licensing, optional career transition and vacant positions.