About Career Mind

Career Mind Consulting is known as a company with passionate professionals that set a goal of making a positive impact in their client’s personal and professional lives. Our mission is to deliver high quality career consulting services with an emphasis on people and the human aspect. We specialize in tailored, professional services, both to job-seekers and to employers.

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MISSION: To transfer labour market knowledge and research to practical tools for both job seekers and employers, leading to lifelong career and business success for our clients.

VISION: To be a global leader, internationally connected and a well known company with passionate professionals that set a goal of making a positive impact to promote career growth and development of clients’ personal and occupational lives.

Our Values

  • OPEN-MINDEDNESS and ADAPTABILITY – we are a forward looking company that believes in social differences and different perspectives. Our skills are constantly developed and our services are tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • PASSION and ENERGY- we are passionate about our work and believe in our energy help to deliver great service and to achieve positive outcomes.
  • HONESTY and DISCRETION - we treat our clients with honesty- to ensure that we do what we say we are going to do, and with an ethical approach- to insure our commitment to confidentiality and long-standing trusted client relationships.
  • FUN and OPTIMISM - We love what we do, stay positive and have fun.



Identifying job search strategies and supporting job application and interview processes. Resume, cover letter and social media profile reviews and development. Adjustment of the Resume and Cover Letter tailored to a specific company and role.


Utilizing social networks and web technologies to find the largest pool of compatible candidates within the guidelines set out by our clients.


Our main goal is to provide information to skilled immigrants, to expand their knowledge and professional options, and to increase their chances to enter their field of expertise in the Canadian labour market.
Services including: Industry research and review of the Canadian Market for a specific field, professional network building, job search tools, interviewing skills training and other tailored services according to the client’s needs.


Research on specific profession and industry providing with the required information on potential employers, licensing, optional career transition and vacant positions.


All our services are provided with great passion and love.

What our customers say


  • Do you guarantee I will find a job during the process?

    We can’t guarantee an offer at the end of the process. We are providing job search training, strategies and tools, helping you be more prepared and increasing your hiring potential.

  • Is there a difference between job search in Canada compared to the job search processes in other countries?

    Finding a job in Canada may be very different than in other countries. Different countries have different cultures, job search processes, application requirements and interview structures. Candidates may need help finding job vacancies, updating and developing resumes, writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, and understanding what Canadian employers are looking for.

  • Who is paying for the services?

    Career training services- In these services we are focusing on the candidate's goals and needs, their interests are coming first and that their expectations are met, hence the job seekers are paying for the services.
    Sourcing services- The service is paid by the company or the hiring manager who ordered the search or the headhunting services.

  • How Career Mind Services are different from services provided by other organizations?

    We are providing job search training and services regardless of your English level or score, your status of immigration (visitor visa, work visa, student visa, permanent resident) or your age.
    We also provide services to those who are planning to move to Canada and haven’t received their status yet, or are still in their home country but yet would like to learn more about the Canadian job market and start looking for a job before landing in Canada.
    Our services are tailored to the clients’ needs and provided in timely manner according to the client's schedule and level of urgency.


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